Pre – Primary Wing
Early childhood Education is the making or the breaking of the child’s life long relation with learning and growing. It therefore is the most important part of schooling and the best teacher and the resources have to be a part of this little school. It has to have very good plans and resources to keep the child excited about knowing more and doing more to discover more and more.
RGPS’s Pre-Primary Wing was started in the year 2005 to meet the early childhood educational needs. A separate building was acquired to cater to the very special needs of this level of education. It provides for an all round development of the child with colorful and innovatively layed out interiors fitted with well designed aids. The ambience thus created is that of creativity and provides excellent motivation for the child to learn through fun filled activities of singing, dancing, listening and enacting stories, splashing colours on drawing sheets. Nursery and K.G. have a healthy collection of books for children. Playing with toys and on the swings, slides and the jungle gym (designed to develop the combination of muscles and mind) is a source of great joy for the little ones. A lot of emphasis is laid on the inculcation of the good social habits and ettiquettes.

To inculcate a sporting spirit, a number of games and races are organized around the year.