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Principal’s Message


                                                                          Principal -  Dr. Naheed R. Usmani

Rabea Girls’ Public School has completed 44 years of selfless service towards humanity. It has tried to make  the dream of its Founder, Late Hakeem Janab Abdul Hameed saheb come true. The great visionary gave the mandate of educating the girls of the walled city and transform them into enlightened and good human beings. In this competitive era of marks and grades, the demand and supply groove, we at Rabea, focus on the most important aspect of education : the value system. Yes, it is an important need of the hour. We teach them compassion, courtesy, tolerance, patience and above all, honesty.

 Theodore Roosevelt said,” To educate a man in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace in society.” Mahatma Gandhi said,” By education, I mean an all round drawing out the best in child and man- in body, mind and spirit.”

In our classrooms, we provide an atmosphere of love, to cast out fear from the students’ minds and help them to develop  their true potential, free from prejudice. We focus on the 4 Cs-  Creativity, Communication, Critical thinking and Collaboration. Children of all age groups today are much more informed on various aspects of life than ever before. They are inquisitive and intelligent. Against this backdrop, our teachers focus on building their abilities and skills through latest technology and subject knowledge.

I applaud the work that my teachers do. They must be praised for the effort and sacrifices they make towards a child centred approach for teaching. They try to make learning fun for the children so that instead of feeling restricted, they are motivated to make progress and succeed.

 Mr. Samar Hamid, Secretary- Hamdard Education Society and the Manager of the school – Mr. Syed Ather Ali, support every cause that ensures progress and success of school and students. I  appreciate the role of parents who have come forward for the cause of education of their daughters and put faith in the school for their grooming and bright future .

 I wish the students and teachers success in academics and every noble cause that they undertake to do.   




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