Headmistress Primary



                                                                                                        Ms. Sofia Shamim - Headmistress Primary

I am reminded of a short story of two little mice. Two little mice,  fell in a bucket of cream with their lives in danger. The first mouse after trying for a few minutes quickly gave up and therefore was drowned. But the second mouse, it just wouldn't quit. It struggled so hard that eventually it turned that cream into butter and crawled out easily.

I couldn't forget this motivating story therefore I shared it with you because the bucket of cream is life and the two little mice are nothing but two choices that God has given us.

Remember life is nothing but a dream. A dream that God wants you to live. A dream where you are the mouse that doesn't allow itself to be drowned. The mouse that never gives up, no matter what the circumstances are. The mouse that dreams of his goal and persist, perseveres; only to emerge stronger, more willed and joyful.

Childhood is the best period of life. It is a period when you are carefree, energetic and full of life. There is a lot you learn and experience. You may come across many hurdles at your peril. Do not allow the spirit to bubble down. Your passion will empower you to make the best of your time and ability.

And when you grow up I am sure you will be successful.
Good Luck for your future.


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