Students will choose membership of minimum 3 clubs. They will attend all meetings of the club and participate in club activities.


House System

Primary Section

  • 1. The School has 5 houses, Azad, Tagore, Gandhi, Nehru and Zakir.
  • 2. The aim is to inculcate team spirit, co-operation and leadership qualities.
  • 3. Each house embodies a quality. It is our endeavour to inculcate these qualities in the students.

House Incharge - Ms Fauzia Sajmeen  
Azad House Warden - Ms Najma Bi
Sub Warden - Ms Sadiah
Gandhi House Warden - Ms Deeba Javed
Sub Warden - Ms Tuba
Nehru House Warden - Ms Neelam Shakir
Sub Warden - Ms Seema Hashmi
Tagore House Warden - Ms Ayesha Nisar
Sub Warden - Mr Shariq
Zakir House Warden - Ms Ayesha Ahmed
Sub Warden - Ms Juweriya.

School Clubs
Primary Section

Primary section has various clubs for the students, which supplement academics and give students practical training which require in day to day life and an opportunity to display their talent.

Club Subject Club Leader
Galaxy EVS Ms Nausheen Khan
Infinity Maths Ms Neelam Shakir
Guncha Urdu Ms Afifa Khatoon
Triumph English Ms Zubia Rais
Sankalp Hindi Ms Ayesha Nisar